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My name is Bjorn Harnby and I entered the world of the Phantom in the beginning of the sixties.
I then joined the Swedish Phantom society "Fantomenklubben", at that time called "Fantomens Deckarklubb", and became member 103735.
Yet I didn't start to collect Phantom items until the beginning of the nineties. Since then I have had the pleasure of shaking hands with Lee Falk, the creator of the Phantom, Sy Barry, the artist that have drawn most Phantom stories, and a number
of Swedish Phantom writers and artists. Another great moment was when I had the opportunity to meet Pete Klaus, one of the greatest Phantom Phans ever, in his home in Baltimore and was shown highlights from his huge collection.

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The first Phantom story was published in US 17 February 1936. It was the story "The Singh Brotherhood".
It was written by Lee Falk and drawn by Ray Moore. In Sweden it is called "Singhpiraterna".


.........................................................................................................First strip, 17 february 1936.

In Sweden:
The first time the Phantom was published in Sweden was in 'Vecko-Revyn' no 21/1940.
It was the story "Adventure in Algiers" that's called "Aventyr i Algeriet" in Sweden.
It run for 10 weeks and that was the only time that this story was published in Sweden until 2006, when it was published in Fantomen #14.

The first Fantomen comic was published in 1944, as a Christmas annual, and contained the story "The Golden Circle" (Mysteriet Pilringen) from 1939 - written by Lee Falk and drawn by Ray Moore.
5 October 1950 the Phantom was published as a biweekly comic book.
The first story was "The Maharajah's daughter" (Den kidnappade maharadjan) - written by Lee Falk and drawn by Wilson McCoy.

'Vecko-Revyn' no. 21/1940
The first Swedish newspaper that published the Phantom was 'Svenska Dagbladet'. It was 8 June 1942 and the Phantom was presented as "Dragos - den mystiske mannen" (Dragos - The Mysterious Man) and the story was "Diana Aviatrix Lost" (Tempelruinens gata).
The name Dragos stayed up to 1980 when the name of the comic strip was changed to Fantomen.
Other papers in Sweden and Finland kept the name Dragos. In Sweden the last Dragos-name disappeared in around 2003 but in Finland there are still papers, e.g. 'Åbo Underrättelser', that calls the comic Dragos.

'Svenska Dagbladet', 8 juni 1942

'Östersundsposten', 5 November 1946 (original size 6,5 x 29,5 cm)

'Åbo Underrättelser', 21 augusti 2010

Fantomen has been published as comic strip in a number of Phantom publications and in newspapers and magazines.
I have put together a list over the Fantomen stories that have been presented in Fantomen publications in Sweden.

I have also listed the Phantom stories that have been edited by the Swedish Phantom
Editors. The first Swedish story was presented in no. 8/1963 and is called "Skatten
i dodskallegrottan". It is written and drawn by Bertil Wilhelmsson.
After that the Swedish editors have (up to 2015) used 54 writers (+ the Italian
stories from Fratelli Spada and stories created by Ulf Granberg together with some artists)
and 39 different artists (+ the Italian Fratelli Spada stories).

'Lektyr' (note that Lee Falk is not mentioned in the comic)

'Hemmets Veckotidning' no. 21/1982

The source that is mentioned is as follows:
D = Daily story (USA), S = Sunday story (USA), F = Fantomen story (Sweden),
FL = Fantomen legend (= The heart of darkness - Sweden), FS = Fratelli Spada (Italy),
GK = Gold Key (USA), King = King (USA), Charlton = Charlton (USA)
I have used Andreas Erikssons index as source for the Swedish stories.

I have also listed in what Swedish publications the Lee Falk stories have been presented and also those stories created
for the daily and sunday newspapers in USA that never have been published in Swedish comics.

I am a member of 'The of The Lee Falk Memorial Bengali Explorers Club'.
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Created 2002-10-30
Last update 2016-02-07
© 2002 Björn Harnby,

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