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"Axa" is a science fiction comic created and drawn by Enrique Badia Romero for the british daily press. Manuscript was written by Donne Avenell and the strip was originally published i the british daily newspaper 'The Sun' during 1978–1985. The first strip was published in July 14:th 1978 and the last in November 1985.

The comic strip features an eponymous lead character - Axa.
The comic was designed as a daily three-panel adventure strip. The strip proved highly popular but the Sun suddenly cancelled the strip midway through a story in 1985 - the last strip was no. 2238 and it was published in November. (The story has later, in 2012, been completed by Romero in the book 'Los Traicionados'.)
Romero returned to draw his previous comic, Modesty Blaise, but also took AXA to the American company Eclipse Comics, who published a two issue series of all-new adventures, though this time with much less nudity and Chuck Dixon as writer.
Another comic book version of AXA was later produced for the Swedish comic book 'Magnum' in 1994. Writer was Pidde Andersson.
All the strips from 'The Sun' have been reprinted in trade paperback format.

The story begins on Earth in the year 2080 - 100 years after the big nuclear disaster. Axa is a young woman who has been tired of all the regulations and supervisory authorities in a dome surrounded town and she escapes out into the untamed wilderness.
When Axa left the city she immediately replaced the cityuniform with a bikini made of shaggy leather pieces. This became her characteristic outfit through the rest of the comic strip and followed her through her adventures. She was on her wanderings often accompanied by a robot - Mark - and usually either by Dirk or Matt, two male friends.
The comic mixes elements of science fiction with tales of swordbearing barbarians.
We can always discuss if the main purpose of the comic strip really was to get the most beautiful Axa into situations where she was more or less completely undressed.
However, one can conclude that the comic is exceptionally well made and beautifully drawn by Romero. The comic's popularity is shown by that it has been published in more than 30 countries and has been awarded with the award as Europe's best daily newspaper strip.

Copyright © AXA 2238 LLC, 1978-2023. All Rights Reserved.

AXA in Sweden:

X9 Specialalbum 1985 • Frihetskämpen .[The Beginning]
X9 Specialalbum 1986 • Farligt uppdrag .[The Chosen] + [The Desired, pt 1]
X9 Specialalbum 1987 • Träskstaden ....[The Brave]

X9-editor was 'Bokförlaget Semic'

In Sweden the comic has been published in the comic books
'Agent X9' and 'Magnum Comics'.

In 'Magnum Comics' Axa was published in following no's:
1988: 1,2,5,6,9
1989: 1,3,8,10,12,13,15,17-18
1990: 1,3,7,11,12,13
1991: 3,4,7,9,13
1992: 1,3,4,7,9,13
1994: 2
1993: 5 - Magnum Special

.'Magnum Special' 1993

. In 'Agent X9' Axa was published in
.  Special albums 1985, 1986, 1987


. 'Agent X9 Special album' 1986  

Magnum Comics:
01/88 • Frihetskämpen
02/88 • Slavinnan
05/88 • Dödsloppet
06/88 • Axa
09/88 • Maskeraden
01/89 • Adopterad
03/89 • Fasornas ö
08/89 • Pillerstaden
10/89 • Donatorn
12/89 • Den falska staden
13/89 • Stjärnnyckeln
15/89 • Den mystiska ön
17-18/89 Kvinnostaden
01/90 • Lustgården
03/90 • Den tappra
7/90 • Bikupan

[The Beginning]
[The Chosen]
[The Mobile]
[The Unmasked]
[Axa the Adopted]
[The Castaway]
[The Seeker]
[Axa the Donor]
[The Escapist]
[The Starstruck]
[The Desired, pt 1]
[The Desired, pt 2]
[The Island of Noah]
[The Brave]
[The Lethal Hive]

11/90 • Spelaren
12/90 • Edens lustgård
13/90 • Frestad
03/91 • Den girige
04/91 • Dröm eller verklighet
07/91 • Inte en gång till
09/91 • Den sorglösa
13/91 • Stora problem
01/92 • Odjuret
03/92 • Den vilda hingsten
04/92 • Då eller nu ..?
07/92 • Ursprunget
09/92 • Fasornas planet
13/92 • Förräderiet
02/94 • Freakshow

[The Gambler]
[The Earthbound]
[The Tempted]
[The Eager]
[Dream or Reality]
[Oh no, Not Again!]
[The Carefree]
[The Dwarfed]
[Beauty and the beast]
[The Untamed]
[Then or Now]
[The Origin]
[The Starstruck]
[The Betrayed]
[Freakshow] (Writer: Pidde Andersson)
(The stories in no. 6/88, 1/89, 10/89, 1/90, 7/90, 4/91, 7/91, 1/92, . 4/92 and 7/92 are in full colour. the others are in black/white)
Magnum Special:
05/93 • Frihetskämpen [The Beginning] + [The Chosen]
........ • Kvinnostaden ..[The Desired, pt 2]
........ • Den tappra .....[The Brave]

The stories were however shortened. Of totally 120 strips in "The Beginning" only 94 are presented in the
comic book, of totally 120 strips in "The Chosen" only 84 are presented, of totally 119 strips in "The Desired"
only 97 are presented and of totally 120 strips in "The Brave" only 102 are presented.
Magnum-editor was 'Atlantic Förlags AB'.

AXA stories in USA:
Publ. by 'Ken Pierce Books' (1981-1988)
AXA 1 • Axa - The beginning
........ • The Chosen
AXA 2 • The Desired, pt 1
........ • The Desired, pt 2
AXA 3 • The Brave
........ • The Gambler
AXA 4 • The Earthbound
........ • The Tempted
AXA 5 • The Eager
........ • The Carefree
AXA 6 • The Dwarfed
........ • The Untamed
AXA 7 • The Mobile
........ • The Unmasked
AXA 8 • The Castaway
........ • The Seeker
AXA 9 • The Escapist
........ • The Starstruck
........ • The Betrayed (oavslutad)

- from "The Sun".
Plansch 0001 - 0120
Plansch 0121 - 0240
Plansch 0241 - 0360
Plansch 0361 - 0479
Plansch 0480 - 0599
Plansch 0600 - 0719
Plansch 0720 - 0839
Plansch 0840 - 0958
Plansch 0959 - 1078
Plansch 1079 - 1198
Plansch 1199 - 1317
Plansch 1318 - 1437
Plansch 1438 - 1557
Plansch 1558 - 1677
Plansch 1678 - 1795
Plansch 1796 - 1915
Plansch 1916 - 2035
Plansch 2036 - 2155
Plansch 2156 - 2238

The first American edition in colour was published by 'Ken Pierce Books' in 1985. The story that was published was:
• Axa (that also have been published in Swedish 'Magnum Comics' no. 6/1988 and in Spanish 'Creepy' no. 52-59/1983-84.).

2 a
lbums were published in 1987 (in April and Augusti) by 'Eclipse' - in colour. These stories were written by Chuck Dixon.

no. 1/1987 • Axa the Adopted and no. 2/1987 • Axa the Donor

In 1992 'Fleetway/Quality' published two Axa albums in series "2000AD Showcase":
no. 1/1992 • The Island of Noah and no. 2/1992 • The Lethal Hive.

In 2018 'Indyplanet' published a 40-page album in black/white. • Axa - The beginning.

AXA stories in England:
Axa started i daily paper 'The Sun' in 1978.
Axa was also published in no. 10 of 'Crikey'.
The 'Fleetway/Quality' albums were also
published in England.

Axa-introduction in 'The Sun'
in July 1978

AXA stories in Spain:

Romero wrote and drew in 2012 a
continuation and termination of the story
"The Betrayed" in the book "Los Traicionados".
The continuation starts with strip no. 2239 and is ends with strip no. 2280.
The book also contains short resumes of
all Axa-stories created by Romero
(in Spanish)

Romero published in 2013 a book that is about
the story of Axa, his own star, from the start in 1978 up to the latest story in strip-format that was created in 2012 and that sofar hasn't been published except in his own book.

The book describes thoughts, creative processes, different publications, anecdotes ... together with a large number of illustrations and photos in black and white and in colour.
As bonus the book also contains the story about Axa, in colour, that has been published in the Spanish 'Creepy' no. 52-59/1983-1984 and in Swedish 'Magnum Comics' no. 6/1988.

All text (in Spanish) and arrangement of the illustrations have been done by Romero himself.

Enrique Badia Romero (born 1930),
Spanish comic strip artist who amongst others has drawn 'Modesty Blaise' and his own creation 'Axa'. Romaro is self-taught as an artist, like most of his generation.
His first comics were adopted and published in Spanish newspapers in 1947. Up to 1958 he was a diligent participant in several daily newspapers in Barcelona. He also launched the magazine 'Alex' in 1953. Two years later he founded the publishing company Ruiz Romero, were he started the comic strips 'Cromos', 'Hombres de Lucha' and 'Historia de la Guerra'.
In 1959 he began to go abroad and established contacts with American, French, German, Italian and British publishers, including Fleetway Publications.
Romero drew several comics for Fleetway as 'Cathy & Wendy', 'Isometrics' and 'Cassius Clay' before he got the job on the 'Modesty Blaise' in 1970, that he took over from Jim Haldaway. He worked with 'Modesty' until 1978.
In 1976 he also drew some episodes of 'Rahan' for Pif Gadget for the French market.


In 1978 he created "Axa" together with Donne Avenell. The comic strip started in the tabloid 'The Sun' and lasted up to November 1985. After that he returned to 'Modesty Blaise' as he continued with till the end of 1990s.

Original sketch by Romero from 2014.

Strip no. 1 from 1978 from the first story "The Beginning".

Original strip no. 326 from the story "The Desired".

Original strip no. 2252 from 2012 from the continuation and conclusion of the story "The Betrayed" from 1985.

Romeros last strip, no. 2280, from the story "Los Traicionados" in 2012.


Donne Avenell

Donne Avenell (1925–1997), British cartoonists. He started early a career as a writer and worked as an editor at Amalgamated Press (later the IPC) while he wrote radio plays and novels. For that it would not seem so suspect that a person was so productive he used
several pseudonyms, including Alec Ashton and Charles King.
In the 1950s, he began writing comics, including IPC's War Picture Library and Newspaper comic 'Tiffany Jones'.
He came in contact with Norman

Chuck Dixon

Charles "Chuck" Dixon (born April 14 1954) is a comic book script-writer who is best known for his work with Marvel's 'The Punisher' and DC's 'Batman' in the 1990s and early 2000s. His first job was when he wrote 'Evangeline' for 'Comico Comics' in 1984, and then comics for the 'First Comics'.
In 1986 he began working for 'Eclipse Comics', were he among others wrote 'Airboy'. He also worked on the Marvel and Eclipse with their comics, while he at the same time in 1987 launched the 'Strike!' and 'Valkyrie'. He also

  Petter (Pidde) Andersson

Petter Andersson was born 1968 in Landskrona, where he also grew up.
He was already at a young age active as cartoonists in his own publications 'Fotbollsserjie 17 sidor', 'Maskinjivär' and 'Jones 2'. (reportedly produced already around 1973-74). In the 1980s he produced, among other things, his own comicfanzine 'Smock' (ten numbers between 1981 and 1989). Even as a youngster, he was called "Pidde", a nickname given to him to keep.
He has after that also written
Worker who brokered contact with Semic Press. There he wrote manuscripts for 'Buffalo Bill' and 'The Saint'. In the mid-1970s, he wrote the comic 'Powerman' for the Nigerian comic market together with Worker. In 1978 he started to write 'The Phantom' for the Swedish magazine.
That same year, 1978, he initiated a co-operation with the Spanish artist Enrique Badia Romero. Together they produced the comic 'AXA' for the British tabloid newspaper 'The Sun' during the years 1978-86.
In the mid-1980s Avenell created the comic 'Django & Angel' for the Swedish magazine Agent X9. He was also a prolific writer of Disney comics, and wrote over 200 episodes during 1980-94.
After long time have suffered from heart problems he died in 1997
  began with theCarl Pott's 'Alien Legion' comic for Marvel's 'Epic Comics'.
In 1987 he also wrote two episodes of the 'AXA' comics for 'Eclipse Comics', which was drawn by Enric Badia Romero.
He produced during the years 1989-1990 a three part comic adaption of JRR Tolkien's 'The Hobbit' for 'Eclipse comics'. In addition to 'Batman' he wrote Detective comics and started individual comics for 'Robin', 'Nightwing', 'Batgirl', 'Catwoman' and 'Green Arrow'. In July 2004, he returned to 'DC Universe', and in March the following year, he made a brief guest appearance with 'Nightwing' before joining the 'Wildstorm Imprint', where he among other things wrote 'Claw The Unconquered' as he wrote a number of film scripts.
  manuscripts for e.g 'Bamse', 'Åsa-Nisse', '91:an' and the Swedish verison of 'Mad'.
For the comic book 'Magnum Comics' he wrote his own comic 'J.T. Freud – Pirate Investigator', which was cartooned by Jens Jonsson, who later became a filmdirector.
For 'Magnum Comics' Pidde also in 1994 wrote an episode of 'Axa' that was drawn by Enric Badía Romero.

Since 1993, Andersson also works as a film journalist and critic. Hi works mainly for 'Helsingborgs Dagblad', but has also written for, among others, 'Total Film', 'Allt om Film' and 'The Dark Side', as well as for his own magazine 'Magazine Defekt' (1995-1997). He regularly participates in the cultural magazine 'Nya upplagan', which is distributed free in Skåne and Stockholm.

Axa in Swedish comic books:

Special 1985

Special 1987

no. 1/1988

no. 5/1988

no. 6/1988

no. 1/1989

no. 3/1989

no. 8/1989

no. 10/1989

no 1/1990

no. 3/1990

no. 7/1990

no. 11/1990

no. 12/1990

no. 3/1991

no. 4/1991

no. 9/1991

no. 3/1992

no. 9/1992

no. 13/1992

Axa comic books published in USA:

'Ken Pierce Books'

• Axa - The Beginning
• The Chosen

• The Desired, part 1
• The Desired, part 2

• The Brave
• The Gambler
• The Earthbound
• The Tempted
• The Eager
• The Carefree
• The Dwarfed
• The Untamed
• The Mobile
• The Unmasked
• The Castaway
• The Seeker

• The Escapist
• The Starstruck
• The Betrayed (unfinished)

'Ken Pierce Books'

USA first color edition.

• Axa

Ad for Axa in Eclipse


Eclipse Extra no. 27/1987
• The Adopted


no. 1/1987
• The Adopted

no. 2/1987
• The Donor

Showcase no. 4/1992
• The Island of Noah

Showcase no. 5/1992
• The Lethal Hive
'Fantagraphics Inc.'
'Indyplanet' 'Manuscript Press'  

no. 46/1979
• Axa Invades England -
3 page article

• Axa The Beginning

no. 317/318/2012
• Axa on the cover

no. 377/378/2017
• Axa on the cover

no. 393/394/2019
• Axa on the cover

Axa in England:

.Strip from 'The Sun'

The two US albums with Axa published by
'Fleetway/Quality' were published in England:

'Sequential Media Publications'

The Island of Noah

no. 5
The Lethal Hive

.....Crikey! no. 10/2008
'Comics Retrospective' was an old fashioned, cut'n paste fanzine self published by Tony Ingram from mid 2003 to late 2006, running 34 issues in total (although #34 had extremely limited distribution). It featured a mix of historical articles on British and American comics and comic creators.

'Axa's View from the Vault' was a regular feature in the
fanzine, in which Enrique Romero's fantasy character Axa (via artwork from old Axa strips used without authorisation)
introduce and narrate (supposedly in the first person) brief articles on old British characters and strips in short, mildly humorous (usually) one- or two-page articles.

In Denmark Axa was published in one issue of the pocket album 'Action Comics' (editor was 'Serieförlaget A/S') from 1990.
The stories were [The Beginning] and [The Chosen].
The comic was also published in 'Agent X9' ('Interpresse A/S') no. 146/1991 • [The Desired, pt 1] and no. 149/1991 • [The Desired, pt 2]
and no. 152/1992 • [The Brave].

Beside this Axa was published in Denmark in the daily paper 'BT' during some year in the 1980s.

Agent X9 Spesialalbum 1985 • Kampen for friheten [The Beginning]
Agent X9 Spesialalbum 1986 • Opprøreren [The Chosen] + [The Desired, pt 1]
Agent X9 Spesialalbum 1987 • Byen i sumpen [The Brave]
Agent X9 Pocket 1990 • Himmelfolket [The Eager]
Seriepocket: no. 141/1988 • Herskerne i havet [The Desired, pt 2]
Seriepocket: no. 148/1989 • Fristerinnen [The Tempted]

X9 Spesial: no. 1/1990 • Fjellfolket [The Carefree], no. 2/1990 • I kjempenes rike [The Dwarfed], no. 3/1990 • Den Utemmede [The Untamed],
................ no. 6/1991 • Dødsløpet [The Mobile], no. 1/1992 • Maskeraden [The Unmasked], no. 4/1992 • Redslenes øy [The Castaway], 8/1992 • Pillebyen [The Seeker].
Magnum: no. 8/1989 • AXA - Den Adopterte [Axa the Adopted], no. 10/1989 • Donatoren [Axa the Donor], no. 3/1990, • Edens have [The Island of Noah], 10/1990 • Bikuben [The Lethal Hive], no. 10/1991 • Drøm eller virkelighet [Dream or Reality], no. 7/1992 • Helvetesridderen [Oh no, Not Again], 6/1993 • ? [Past or Future].
Magnum Presenterer: no. 4/1996 • Udyret [Beauty and the Beast]
(Editor of 'Agent X9' and 'Seriepocket' was 'Semic/Nordisk Forlag AS' and of 'Magnum' 'Bladkompaniet AS'.)

......... .........


Axa in Finnish 'Agentti X9' comic books:
Agentti X9 erikoisalbumi 1986:1 • Vapaussankari [The Beginning]
Agentti X9 erikoisalbumi 1986:2 • Kapinallinen [The Chosen] + [The Desired, pt 1]
Agentti X9 1989:08 • Valittu, 1 [ ? ]

Agentti X9 1989:10 • Valittu, 2 [ ? ]
Agentti X9 1989:12 • Haluttu [ ? ]
Agentti X9 1990:08 • Huvipuisto [The Island of Noah]
Agentti X9 1993:04 • Pelurit [The Gambler]
Agentti X9 1993:06 • Eedenin puutarha [The Earthbound]
Agentti X9 1993:09 • Houkutuksia [The Tempted]
Agentti X9 1993:10 • Taivaskansa [The Eager]

Axa has also been published in 'Agentti X9 Pocket' no. 3/1990.
The story was • AXA - Utelias [The Eager]


'Comic Gallery Piccolo'

no. 2/1980 • Die Flucht aus der Kuppelstadt [The Beginning]
no. 5/1984 • In Reich der Amazonen [The Desired]

'Reiner Feest Verlag'

1988: Axa - Die Unbesiegbare
[Axa The Adopted]

'Reiner Feest Verlag'

Sonderband no's. 1-3/1988-89 • Axa [The Desired]

freitag', no. 10/1980

The German monthly
magazin contained in this
number a story with Axa
and pictures and texts by Romero.
'Rainer Feest Verlag'

Comic Spiegel
no's. 1-5/1980

the story
The Beginning.

Not finished.
In no. 5 it is stated
"wird fortgesetzt", but
no. 5 was the last
number in that round.
'Rainer Feest Verlag'   'Boiselle & Lähmann Verlag'
Comic Spiegel no's. 1-3/1983
Contains the story
• Axa die Mutige [The Brave]
from 1980.
In total 24 pages (9+8+7)

(No cover with Axa)
Comic Spiegel no's. 7-9 (1983-84)
Contains the story
• Axa die Erwählte [The Chosen]
from 1979.
In total 12 pages (6+4+2), and
for the first time in colour.
Not finished.
In no. 9 it says "wird fortgesetzt",
but this was the last issue with
the Axa-comic.

(No cover with Axa)

Axa Jugend [The Origin]
4 stories on 6 pages each.
'Rainer Feest Verlag'
.. .... .. .. .. ..
no. 1/1985 • Die Tochter
der Apokalypse
[The Beginning]
no. 2/1985 • Im Reich
der Fischmenschen
[The Desired]
no. 3/1985
• Im Tal der Nebel
[The Gambler]
no. 4/1987
• Im Garten des Todes
[The Earthbound]
no. 5/1988
• Die Dämonen der Nacht
[The Eager]
no. 6/1989
• Das Gesetz der Zigeuner
[The Untamed]
no. 7/1989
• Der Hass der Mutanten
[The Unmasked]
no. 8/1990
• Die Insel des Grauens
[The Castaway]

The Netherlands:
'Panda Publications'


no. 279/1995

'Dark Dragon Books' - 2015

Het Onstaan - [The Origin]

Proolog, episod I-III [The origin]
Het Eiland van Noach [The Island of Noah]
De dodelijke bijenkorf [The Lethal HIve]
Waan og werkelijkheid [Dream or Reality]
Niet nog eens [Oh no, Not Again]
De schoonheid en het beest [Beaty and the Beast]
Verleden of toekomst [Then or now]
Freakshow [Freakshow]
Epilog [Epilogue]
no. 1/1983
• De mutanten
[The Beginning]
no. 2/1983
• De uitverkorene
[The Chosen]
no. 3/1984
• Toekomstig verleden
[Past or Future]
no. 4/1984
• Vrijheld
[The Desired]
no. 5/1984
• Allemaal beestjes
[The Brave]
no. 6/1985
• De gokker
[The Gambler]
no. 7/1986
• De zevende hemel
[The Earthbound]


'Fantasia Heroica Forum'

no. 1 La rebelde
........ • La Rebelde [The Beginning]
........ • La Elegida [The Chosen]
no. 2 La Deseada
........ • La Deseada [The Desired, 1]
........ • La Indomita [The desired, 2]
no. 3 La Intrepida
........ • La Intrepida [The Brave]
........ • La Jugadora [The Gambler]
no. 4 La Terrenal
........ • La Terrenal [The Earthbound]
........ • La Fiscinada [The Tempted]
no. 5 La Anhelante
........ • La Anhelante [The Eager]
........ • La Despreocupada [The Carefree]
no. 6 La Aventura
........ • La Empeguenecida [The Dwarfed]
........ • La Indomable [The Untamed]
no. 7 La Audaz
........ • La Motorizada [The Mobile]
........ • La Desenmascarada [The Unmasked]
no. 8 La Navegante
........ • La Naueraga [The Castaway]
........ • La Buscadora [The Seeker]
no. 9 Axa
........ • La Escapista
........... [The Escapist]
........ • En las Estrellas
........... [The Strastruck]

'El Boletin'

no's. 1-6/1990
• Axa La Brava [The Brave]
'Toutain Editor'

Creepy no. 52-54/1983 & 55-59/1984
Axa [Axa]
The Axa story lasted for 47 pages.

'Impala Ediciones'

'El Boletin' has published two Fanzines about Axa.


no. 21/1992
Tomos no's. 1-2/1987 • Axa [The Beginning]

'Ominiky Ediciones'

2011: "El Origen" with 4 stories of 24 pages:
• The Origin (part 1, 2, 3, 4)
• The Island of Noah
• The Lethal Hive
• Reality or Fantasy
• Many AXA drawings.
It is written in Spanish. Hard cover - B&W.

2012: "Epilogo" with 5 stories of 24 pages
• Oh no, Not Again
• Beauty and the Beast
• Past or Future"
• Freakshow
• Epilogo (48 pages)
It is written in Spanish. Hard cover - B&W.
'Strip Center Tino'
In 2017 and 2018 Romero published some sketch books
with drawings of Axa and Modesty Blaise.
"The Origin"
"Axa - 400 Sequences"
"Creating the Female
"Legends of Comic"

Axa Saga: During 2015, 2016 och 2018 three HC-books were published; containing
all 19 Axa stories. The books also include black covers that introduces the stories.

The books are on appr. 200 pages each.
- Book 1: story 1-6, - Book 2: story 7-12, - Book 3: story 13-19
These books have also been published in a Croatian version.

- 40 pages
- 400 illustrations
- 120 first editions
- 68 pages
- 160 illustrations
- 30 x 21 cm
- 112 spages
- 110 illustrations


'Camillo Conti Edizione' -'Comics Library'

no. 1/1979
• Axa
[The Beginning]
no. 2/1979
• La Prescelta
[The Chosen]
no. 3/1979
• Isola del Passato
[The Desired, 1]
no. 4/1979
• The Desired
[The Desired, 1]
no. 5/1979
• Lointrepida
[The Brave]
no. 6/1979
• La ruota del Destino
[The Gambler]
no. 7/1979
• Al Settimo Cielo
[The Earthbound]
no. 8/1981
• In Tentazione
[The Tempted]
no. 9/1981
• I Celestriani
[The Eager]
no. 10/1981
• La valle Felice
[The Carefree]
'Camillo Conti Edizione'
'Camillo Conti Edizione'

'Luigi Olmeda'

Conti no. 15/1994
• La Sfida
[The Mobile]
Conti no. 16/1994
• I Mutanti
[The Unmasked]
Comics Library Megazine, Fantasy Comics:
no. 1/1985 • Ritorna [The Dwarfed, pt 1]
no. 2/1985 • Nel Mondo dei Giganti [the Dwarfed, pt 2]

no. 3/1985 • L'indomabile [The Untamed, pt 1]
no. 4/1985 • Lo Stallone Nero [The Untamed, pt 2]
Special edition
The Beginning
La Ribelle [The Beginning] - 2007
'Edizioni il Momento'
'Robinson' (4 numbers 1980-1981)
4 numbers (no. 0 (pilot number), no.1 and
no.2 + one special number) of the comic magazin were published.
It contained amongst other comics also
You can see that it is the same story in
no. 1 as in no. 0, but with different colours.
The story was "The Beginning".

no. 0

no. 1

Il Mago nr. 93/1979, 94-103/1980
• Axa [The Beginning]
'Lancio Editore'

Skorpio nr. 46-50/2014 • Axa [The Beginning]

Skorpio nr. 48-52/2015 • Axa [The Chosen]

Skorpio nr 2116-2120/2016 • La desiderata [The Desired]
Skorpio nr 2253-2257/2020 • In un mondo diverso [The Dwarfed]
Skorpio nr 2261-2265/2020 • La selvggia [The Untamed]
Skorpio nr 2266-2270/2020 • Macchine [The Mobile]
Skorpio nr 2271-2275/2020 • Senza maschera[The Unmasked]
Skorpio nr 2276-2280/2020 • Il naufragio [The Castaway]
Skorpio nr 2281-2285/2020 • La ricercatrice [The Seeker]
Skorpio nr 2286/2020-2290/2021 • L'illusionista [The Escapist]
Skorpio nr 2291-2295/2021 • Passeggiata tra le stelle [The Starstruck]
Skorpio nr 2296/2021 • Tradita [The Betrayed]
Skorpio nr 2297-2298/2021 • L'inganno []


'Uchronia Ed'


Axa [The Earthbound]


no. 65/1990
• Axa

no. 1/2005
• Axa La Ribelle
[The Beginning]
no. 2/2005
• Axa La Prescelta
[The Chosen]
no. 3/2005
• Axa La Desiderata
[The Desired]
no. 0/2005, Special
• Axa La Legenda


'Régie Publiart'

Charlie Mensuel' no. 138/1980)

Axa [The Beginning]


no. 9/2014 
• Contains an article about Axa.

'La Musardine'

Axa is also mentioned in the

'Encyclopedia about erotique
- 1997


no. 1/1981
• Axa
[The Beginning & The Chosen]

no. 2/1982
• Axa
[The Desired, pt 1 & 2]

1981 •
Axa [The Beginning & The Chosen]

'Sun comics'
in english:

no. 1/1982 • The Rebel [The Beginning], no. 2/1982 • The Chosen, no. 3/1982 • The Desired, part 1, no. 4/1982 • The Desired, part 2, no. 5/1982 • The Brave, no. 6/1982 • The Gambler,
no. 8/1983 • The Earthbound, no. 10/1983 • The Tempted, no. 12/1983 • The Eager

in hindi:

All stories were published in one version in english and one in hindi.


no. 5

no. 6

no. 7

no. 8

Spunk no. 4-8/1979 • Aksa i mutanti [The Beginning] & [The Chosen]

Note that Axa here is spelled Aksa.

Stripoteka no. 735/1982
Stripoteka no. 742/1982
Stripoteka no. 748/1982
Stripoteka no. 754/1982
Stripoteka no. 767/1982
Stripoteka no. 777/1982
Stripoteka no. 784/1983
Stripoteka no. 791/1984
Stripoteka no. 840/1985
Stripoteka no. 912/1989
Stripoteka no. 921/1990

• Aksa 01. Aksa [The Beginning]
• Aksa 02. Izabrana [The Chosen]
• Aksa 03. Zeljena [The Desired, 1]
• Aksa 04. Grad na dnu mora [The Desired, 2]
• Aksa 05. Tajanstvena dolina [The Brave]
• Aksa 06. Kockar [The Gambler]
• Aksa 07. Sedmi pokušaj [The Earthbound]
• Aksa 08. Na obali mora [The Tempted]
• Aksa 09. Zefov san [The Eager]
• Aksa 10. Grad zanatlija [The Carefree]
• Aksa 11. Mravlja kolonija [The Dwarfed]
• Aksa 12. Neukrotivi [The Untamed]
• Aksa 13. Formula Jedan [The Mobile]
• Aksa 14. Demaskirani [The Unmasked]
• Aksa 15. Brodolomci [The Castaway]
• Aksa 16. U Potrazi [The Seeker]
• Aksa 17. Begunci Od Stvarnosti [The Escapist]
• Aksa 18. Medju zvezdama [The Starstruck]
• Aksa 19. Nakon kraja [The Betrayed]

no. 767

no. 777

no. 784

no. 791

no. 840

no. 912
'Niro Decje Novine'

Gigant no. 55/1989 The Desired, pt 1..
Gigant no. 60/1990
The Desired, pt 2.
Gigant no. 65/1990
The Tempted
'Strip Center Tino'..



2011 • Axa - Porijeklo [The Origin]
2012 • Axa - Masta ili . . . [?]
2013 • Axa - Ljepotica ili . . .
............. Zar opet [Oh no, Not Again]
............. Ljepotica zvijer [Beaty and the Beast]
2014 • Axa - Proslost ili . . .
............. Proslost ili sadasnjosti [Then or Now]
............. Kosnica smrti [The Lethal Hive]
2019 Axa, Izmedu Nistavila ............
[Dream or Reality]


'Strip Center Tino'

Axa Saga
During 2015, 2016 och 2018 three HC-books have been published containing all 19 Axa stories.

The books also include black covers that introduces the stories.

The books are on appr. 200 pages each.
- Book 1: stories 1-6
- Book 2: stories 7-12
- Book 3: stories 13-19

These books have also been published in a Spanish version.

As a daily newspaper comic Axa was published both in colour and in black & white versions.
When the comic started Axa was called Tara and the comic strip "Disi Cengaver Tara"
(Female Warrior Tara), but this was changed later to Axa.

The Axa comic was in Turkey also published in november/december 1992 in the comic
book Galaksi, no's 1-7, published by 'Çocuk Dergisi'.
The story was Karanlik cagin disi cengaveri [The Desired].


In South-Africa the comic was published as a full-page comic with 5 strips per page.
This page was published in Sunday Times September 28:th 1980.

AXA as motion picture: "AXA: Battle For the Serpent Gate."

Copyright © AXA 2238 LLC, 1978-2023. All Rights Reserved.

Axa movie poster 2016 teaser..................Axa movie poster 2017 teaser..

A motion picture with Axa has been discussed since 2005 and in 2008 'Unizarre
International Film & Television Productions' was appointed as producers of the movie version. Link to their official movie website:
of the screenplay is J. Pingo Lindström and William C. Brown.

The most progressive, liberated comic book heroine of the 1980s, AXA has been re-
imagined for the new millennium, more relevant, intense and brutal than ever. AXA
finds herself a Guardian of Dome City, a repressive, male dominated society hiding a
dark secret.
The discovery of a sinister conspiracy by the Dome Elders sends AXA
flying from the city with a band of rebels and warriors who face a post-apocalyptic landscape of fantastic creatures and ancient magic. AXA soon discovers the Earth
itself is in danger and that she holds the key to reuniting the survivors of The Great Contamination.

'Saturn Harvest Comics' is producing legendary comics and collectibles, from weelknown artists and designers. AXA, the post-apocalyptic warrior and action heroine, is the first 1/6 scale collectible figure from the upcoming movie.
Link to Knight Features that syndicates the new movie and presents the Axa comic;
Link to Youtube were the Axa-fan Sonny Mikszath is doing a quick presentation of AXA and the up-coming AXA-movie;

"The Byte" was drawn by Enric Badia ROMERO as an order for an American fan called Brian Peck who is working for Apple.
He sent photos about the Apple buildings and from these photos Romero drew his story with Axa and her robot Mark X (Mark 10) fighting dinosaurs.

Another work of art ordered by Brian Peck. IPod strip-tease

"Travesty" - or "an alternative way to draw the comic":

..from 'Magnum Comics' no. 13/1990 - Frestad [The Tempted]

Hanna K. has reacted on Axa´s clothing and
how Romero has drawn her and her poses.
You can partly agree on that some poses looks very constructed, but I think that Axa despite that is a real good and well-drawn comic.

Hanna has created a proposal for how an alternative to Romero's set-up with a lightly dressed heroine could look like. To the left.
(Romero's original in bottom!)

Here I publish, without any permit at all (I hope that's OK) an example from Hannas comic strip proposal, as I really like, despite that it differs so from Romero's way of drawing.

Link to Hanna's blog were you can

Mark: Are you coming Axa?
Axa: I just have to do this sexy pose first.

AXA cellphone game, AXA -The Game:
An Axa game for cellphones was released in 2011 and it is made in collaboration between the 'Unizarre International Film & TV Productions' in England and the 'AXA 2238 LLC' in USA. The game is no longer available.
The game is released for cellphones capable for J2ME games and is available in three different resolutions.
The game's storyline is specially written for the game, but is based on Romero's first AXA episode, "The Beginning". It is constructed with 3 different difficulty levels, six different graphic settings, 50 rooms to explore and more than 20 items that can be used as weapons.
The game i developed by 'Dark Crystal' in Germany.
Responsible for script and production is Pingo Lindstrom.
Official webpage:

In a post-apocalyptic world mutated warriors attack a colony of survivors and kidnap two young women.
AXA, the sword-wielding heroine of the game, that has seen the violent attack, follows the tracks of the mutants to rescue the kidnapped girls.
She must find her way through the wilderness where villages have been devastated, through dark underground caves and through an old sewer system were creepy creatures is housed, until she reaches the abandoned city where she confronts the warriors. Her final meeting with the leader takes place on top of the mutant headquarters.
On her way AXA battles not only with creatures like huge rats, stray dogs, giant spiders, wasps and aggressive mutated alligators, but she must also solve the challenges, puzzles, to get to know which way she should go. Along the way AXA finds useful objects that she can gather and use individually or in combination for getting even more powerful weapons.

Picture series borrowed from""

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